Audiogames finds inspiration in synaesthesia studies elaborating concepts about the color-sound relationship, as studied by the team and described in different papers. (see below)
In the framework of synaesthesia based technology we are especially interested in cases like “The vOICe”, augmented reality software for blind people that uses sonification techniques. This program was the first inspiration that we found to start AudioGames project, in which we sonify not real spaces, but the fictional ones in a ludic way.

Building a playground through the sound allows us to break the unidirectional relationship between image and player, generating an emmersive space that totally surrounds and involves players.

In classical image perception patterns, a vector is constantly directing the subject’s look to the image location. Look’s direction is always towards a point. When we experiment with three-dimensional sound, as in audiogames, space perception becomes omni-directional allowing the player a 360 degree interaction in a really meaningful way.


AudioGames Aplicaciones Tecnologicas de Un Modelo Cognitivo Basado en Sinestesia

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